Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pumpkin Town 2016 : Some news


We published two applications:

1. An application for sponsors.

You want to sponsor Pumpkin Town? Follow then this link!

This is not an application to have a shop!

2. An application for a contest : "The Ode to Pumpkins"

We want to organize a contest for Pumpkin Town. But it will be particular. Not really linked with Second Life. You will have to create an image with Blender, Photoshop, Gimp, Maya, or/and others software.
This application is for a pre-registration. Just to see if we will have enough contestant.

Ho! And you know what! We have a new teaser!!!

Pumpkin Town 2016 : Teaser

Flickr Link

Friday, August 5, 2016

Pumpkin Town 2016....

Hey Hey!

Guess what? We are working on our favorite town: Pumpkin Town 7!

We got the sim. The village is slowly rezzing out of the ground. Monsters are waking up. Taylor Flanagan is currently building the dishes in which you will be served as foods to the inhabitants of Pumpkin Town.

We will post more information and various applications soon:
- For creators and designers of course;
- But also for people who would like to sponsor our event;
- And finally for bloggers-journalists.

We also want to organize a contest. You will need to create an image (using a 3D software or Photoshop, Gimp, etc ...). Pre-registration will be opened. So we can see if there are enough participants to organize it.

We are excited to be able to organize this event. Soooo excited ... you cannot imagine how excited we are!

We already want to thank Surreal Chung, who bought a new sim, and gave it a cute name, which we will reveal later ...

Hey hey !

Vous savez quoi ? Nous sommes occupées à travailler sur notre village préféré : Pumpkin Town ! Un village qui fêtera cette année ses 7 ans.

Nous avons la sim. Le village sort tout doucement du sol. Les monstres se réveillent. Et Taylor Flanagan est en train de construire les assiettes dans lesquelles vous servirez de nourritures aux habitants de Pumpkin Town.

Nous diffuserons bientôt plus d’informations. Et nos différentes applications :
- Pour les créateurs bien entendu ;
- Mais aussi pour les personnes qui souhaiteraient sponsoriser cet event ;
- Et enfin pour les blogueurs-journalistes.

Nous souhaitons également organiser un concours. Vous devrez créer une image (en vous aidant de logiciel 3D, de photoshop, Gimp, etc…). Une pré-inscription sera ouverte. Afin de voir si vous serez assez nombreux pour l’organiser.

Nous sommes excitées de pouvoir organiser cet évent. Mais excitée… vous n’imaginez pas ôôô combien nous le sommes !

Nous tenons déjà à remercier Surreal Chung, qui s’est procurée une toute nouvelle sim, et lui a donné un nom tout mignon, qui vous sera révélé plus tard...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Special Thanks to...

We'd like to say a special thanks to AcidJuice.

A talented creator who came during Pumpkin Town, and gave one of their creations for sale... not just for sale, but to share its sales with a Feed a Smile.

She created a so lovely Halloween avatar.

Pumpkin Town
A pic by Eve Kazan

You can find her marketplace here :

Thanks again!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bye Bye Pumpkin Town ...

( Photo by Ysé Ah )

All the villagers crawled back into their graves, holes, coffins, basements, boxes ... 

It's time for a well deserved rest... 

Thank everyone!! Thank you DJ's and Performers, Sponsors Merchants, Bloggers, Visitors and friends for your help and support (you know who you are)...

Thank you to our little Mascott of DOOOOMMM !!

Thank you Brique Topaz and the children from Kenya for trusting us with their Feed A Smile Charity Project

If we are forgetting anyone, thank you to you too :p

Thank you for wearing costumes, dancing, for your visits, smiles, donations, comments, pictures, and so much more! 

All of this makes Pumpkin Town what it is today :)

We hope to see you all next year for a 7th Edition of Pumpkin Town :)

LOVE you all!!

 Bye Bye for now ...

Chloe and Taylor (and all the creepy Pumpkin Town Creatures)

Saturday, October 31, 2015



This is the last day of Pumpkin Town! Yes...
The Closing Day.

For this day, we invite you for a moment with our favourite spooky DJ : Bcreative Wilde

October 31 at 1 PM
Bcreative Wilde

Oh yes! Take your most amazing halloween outfit! Why?
We will have a contest. The costume will be most appreciated receive few Lindens!

Be scary, be amazing, be fanGtastic! And be with us to say "Bye Bye and See you next year Pumpkin Town!"

Taxi :